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My name is Chiara, I was born in Venice – Italy, but grew up on the little island of Bali. In 2004 I moved to Perth Australia for my studies to get a Master in Professional Communication, specialising in Photo-media, which is really just a fancy title for Photography. And today I am still here.


After the birth of my daughter, my passion for photography came back with a vengeance. My style changed drastically and I became obsessed with natural light. I’d walk around the house during different hours of the day, to see how the light had changed, then rush to get camera and child to take as many pictures as I could.


Every Photographer Has Their Style, This Is Ours


A Most Magical Time

Maternity sessions are best done around 30 weeks and before 35 weeks, when you might begin to feel heavy and tired.


Making Memories From Milestones

The arrival of a new baby in our lives is a massive milestone. It's important to capture these moments as they happen.


New Year, New Changes

Children are unique at all ages and every year brings on new changes; a new skill, a new tooth, it goes by so quickly.


Natural Light Photography Perth, WA

I love being a part of family shoots and helping you capture moments in life that’ll become lifelong memories.

In the digital age our phones are filled with thousands of pictures but we never really go back to them.

Photos from our shoot together will become those timeless pieces that you remember your grandmother had hanging up on the wall.

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